Policies & Forms

Rental Rates
Rentals are billed daily or as a 3-day week depending on duration. Weekend rentals are billed as 1 day. Extended duration projects may receive additional discounts. Maryland 6% sales tax applies to all in-state transactions unless a valid tax-exempt certificate is presented.

Check Out & Return
Equipment may be checked out after 1pm the business day prior to your rental date, subject to availability. Gear must be returned by 11am the morning after your last day of rental or will be subject to charges. Early check-out or late returns need to be cleared in advance.

Insurance Requirements
We require a Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing us as Certificate Holder including additional insured for General Liability and as Loss Payee for Miscellaneous Rented Equipment with coverage equal to or greater in value than your order, theft exclusion are not excepted. (Download Sample COI below.) If you do not wish to purchase insurance you may also make a deposit in the form of a credit card hold in the amount equal to 75% of the total replacement value.

Download Forms
Please complete the forms below to setup a new account. You may e-sign by opening the forms in Adobe Acrobat, otherwise print and physically sign where signature is required. After completion, please return all forms to contact@charmcine.com

New Account Rental Agreement

Credit Card Authorization

Sample COI