Charmcine Unified


A message to our customers,

Over the past six years Charmcine has rapidly evolved from a small single shop in Baltimore to three locations spanning multiple cities, all with different brand names. Having individual names allowed each shop to cultivate its own identity with customers. While this once made sense, we now have reached a point where we feel unifying the Charmcine name across all locations is the natural next step towards strengthening the brand.

Effective immediately, we will be discontinuing the use of the names Capital Camera (Alexandria) and Liberty Camera (Philadelphia) along with their related websites, social media accounts, and emails. We love the individual cultures that these separate brands have created among customers. However, it is our hope that consolidating the names and online media will remove some layers of confusion and allow us more streamlined means of communicating regarding events, new equipment, and facilitating daily jobs. Moving forward, online orders for all shops will be available via by simply choosing your city for pickup. Our Facebook and Instagram will display images and information relevant to all locations. Lastly, we have restructured our rental emails for each location. Our old emails will remain active for a while, but we ask that you please update your address books and accounting with the new information below.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility as we navigate these changes in structure. We sincerely hope that in the long run this unification of our brand will serve to create a better experience for you in the future. 

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