Sachtler 20SB

Sachtler 20SB

Regular price $ 100.00

Includes: Fluid head and Speedlock HD tripod with ground or mid-spreaders

The Sachtler 2072 System 20 SB HD CF Carbon Fiber Tripod System consists of the Video 20 SB Fluid Head, ENG-2 CF HD 1-Stage Tripod, SP 100 On-Ground Spreader and ENG/EFP padded transport bag.

Video 20 SB heads guarantee camera operators an extremely high carrying capacity, a twelve step counterbalance system, and a very long balance plate sliding range. In addition, special dust shields prevent dirt particles from penetrating the heads.

The ENG 2 CF is extremely lightweight, solid and stable, and its completely dual tube design ensures it can safely and stably carry tremendous payloads even at its maximum height.

To complete the package, a ground spreader is included for maximum stability and security when working on unstable surfaces, and a padded bag protects the whole system during transport. Stride with confidence with the Sachtler 2072 tripod system as there is little you can't cope with no matter where you go, even in a hurry.

Speed Balance stepped counterbalance system facilitates rapid setup
Carbon fiber leg sections are stronger than aluminum while weighing less and efficiently absorbing resonance
Ground spreader ensures solid, dependable support of your camera investment

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