Go set ready!

2017 came and went in a hurry for our shop. Its just like yesterday we were moving into a new space, throwing up fresh paint and building shelves. Fast forward one year and a lot has changed. What was once a small one person start up operation has blossomed welcoming in hundreds of new customers, shows, and projects as well as Jack Hildebrand, our newest full time rental tech. Yes 2017 flew by and here we are getting ready to ramp up again for 2018. So this brings me to the name of this post "Go Set Ready." By now you've maybe seen this phrase floating around our site and social media. For Charmcine this has become our new motto and corner stone. It simply means to be prepared and start your day on set ready to work with the right tools that you can trust. And for us it's our job to provide you these tools and ensure we are meeting this standard. This has become the pillar of our 2018 branding campaign. You can see this slogan spelled out in an ad we released for Super bowl Sunday.

This ad came together very quickly, in fact it was nothing more than a random idea while driving into work one day. By mid day the team started pulling references from movies like "Hot Fuzz" and "Batman" and we were off shooting inserts. Two days later with the help of some awesome local crew members we shot the second half over at our neighboring GE house Serious. I'd like to give a special shout out to Doug Horvat from Persuasive Sound for his final touches to this piece with some excellent sound design and mixing which really makes the video shine.

We've continued on with this theme into a print ad for the upcoming 2018 Baltimore ADDY Awards. The good folks at Kapowza designed this layout to appear in the winners handout book during the event. Photo credit, Matthew Baron.

So I know what you are thinking. What is CharmCine doing to back up such a bold campaign promise? Well, I'll tell you. The team at our shop has spent the last year converting our inventory over to a state of the art quoting and barcode tracking inventory software called Flex. To date we've barcoded over 1700+ items from cables to lenses to cameras. The reason we've invested so much time and resources into this effort is to ensure that every order is as accurate as possible. If your Teradek is supposed to have seven antennas then you better believe you are getting seven antennas or else we've failed you. We understand the importance of every single screw and cable. Mistakes are inevitable, but we are making every effort to safeguard your shoot.

However; we've invested in more than just tracking inventory, we have been pumping up every aspect of our game to meet the needs of our clients. Adding a third full time person to our shop has been one of the biggest improvements we've made. Where we once may have been stretched thin on busy weeks, we now have the man power to cover many more jobs while still giving our inspections and testing the time it needs. Natasha and Jack have been a rock star team killing it day in and out.

Additionally, over the past year we have added multiple new lens sets including vintage and anamorphic, and now we have a Zeiss certified lens tech in house. Our camera and accessory line has grown larger in all areas, and our shop has been upgraded for a more comfortable prep/check-out experience. Did I mention the new foosball table and expresso machine? Even our website received an overhaul to provide users with a more pleasant browsing experience. 

We don't take our role in the Maryland film community lightly. Every day we are discussing new ways to improve and expand our capabilities. These are but a few examples of the things we've been doing behind the scenes to get our shop prepared, so that when we say you can "Go Set Ready," we mean it.