Just Warming Up

It has only been a few weeks since we official announced to Baltimore and the world about CharmCine, and already it has been very exciting. Immediately following our last blog post and the website launch, we have received dozens of messages of congratulations and encouragement. These kind words have come from not only long time friends but also complete strangers from the film community who share our enthusiasm for a new rental house in Baltimore. Starting a new company of any kind can be a nerve-racking process, especially if you don't know how an idea may be received. But the outpouring of support from the community has cemented our belief that we made the right choice and has invigorated us to grow quickly.

So far we have added several new camera systems to our inventory including the Sony FS7 and several flavors of Red Digital products. In the near future we intend to also add the new Arri Alexa Mini among other new camera offerings coming on the market. We are also beefing up our accessories selection with several options for tripods ranging from a lightweight Sachtler 12 up through the industry standard OConnor 2065. For our audio friends the website has been updated with a variety of microphones, mixers, and recorders. All of these categories will continue to grow quickly over the next few months and year. 

We are still on the hunt for a permanent location to call home but for the time we have setup shop in a temporary office on Eastern Ave, sharing space with our good friends at Uplift Works. This location is available to the public by appointment only for pickups, returns, and prepping your order. Please be sure to call ahead since the office is currently not staffed all day. That's all of the updates for now. Keeping checking in and get social with us on Instagram and Twitter via @CharmCine_