Red Gemini Lowlight Test

Red Digital Cinema shook up their camera lineup with the introduction of the new lowlight Gemini sensor. This sensor dials back resolution to an respectable 5Ks while offering 96 frames per second without cropping. This new sensor is Red's first dual native ISO camera boasting equal noise at 800 and 3200. The Gemini sensor is also taller than other Red cameras allowing you to take better advantage of your wide angle anamorphic lenses. Overall the Gemini is a compromise free camera allowing lowlight performance, high frame rates without cropping, and it sits nicely in the mid price range. 

Here at CharmCine we own a pair of these new Gemini cameras and we put the sensor to the test against our current Red lineup of the Helium and Dragon sensors and for good measure we added in our Alexa Mini. This test allowed us to really compare the noise structure of all the cameras at various ISO at exposure and over exposed.